Ice cold with a heart of gold

Up among the North American mountaintops, where the air is crystal clear, sturdy lumberjacks carry out their heavy work in all weathers, day in, day out. When the sun sets and the fire is lit, they drink a strong shot together to keep out the cold and to stoke the fire inside them. They enjoy a unique drink made from vodka and active ingredients such as eucalyptus, menthol and various herbs. This drink is called Fireman; for fierce people.

Put some Fireman on ice at the end of a hard day’s work and serve it ice cold to your friends. The taste of Fireman is surprising, refreshing and unexpected. Because whilst Fireman is your refreshing friend in the summertime, as a simple shot it will warm you up in winter. Ice cold, with a heart of gold.

Fireman tastes of more. After its launch on the Dutch market in 2008, Fireman soon stormed the rest of Europe. For unique people who like a tasty, strong and powerful drink, Fireman is the perfect match. Or in the mix with some cold cola, Fireman is also a true team player.

  • Vodka-based herbal drink
  • Bottle contents: 0,7 L
  • Alcohol: 30%
  • Free from (food or other) allergens

Klaverbaan 142, 2908KD Capelle aan den IJssel