Let the duck out!

Since Flügel was launched in 1996, it’s now party time literally everywhere and on a huge scale. Flügel is more than just a drink, more than just a refreshment, more than just a shot to knock back. Flügel is an incredible experience! Flügel can be enjoyed anywhere. At home with friends, together in a bar, or at a festival. In the Netherlands, and all over Europe. Let the duck out together!

There is no other drink in the Netherlands, and far beyond, that is as recognisable as Flügel. It might be small in size but its unmistakable flavour makes it party-size big. Flügel has fans that embrace the drink unlike anything you have ever seen before. Flügel has a unique ritual of its own, which was devised by fans. First, you tap the bottle several times on the bar, then you put the yellow lid on your nose and then bring the bottle to your mouth. That’s the way you let the duck out.

Flügel is a real party-starter which, with its own, unique rituals and eye-catching supporting POS materials, not only creates more fun and excitement in your establishment, also creates more revenue. Most of the time, it is enjoyed in addition to other purchases and suits everyone’s tastes!

  • Red vodka-based
  • Bottle contents: 20 ML
  • Alcohol: 10%
  • Free from (food or other) allergens

Klaverbaan 142, 2908KD Capelle aan den IJssel