Goditi la vita

Goditi la vita. The rich, historic flavour of the Cantuccini biscuit from Tuscany has now been made into liquid form. Let it take you on a journey through Tuscany and imagine yourself surrounded by olive trees in its idyllic landscape. In the region where time seems to stand still for decades at a time.

Where they value preserving this rustic peace and tranquillity with every sip and have an innate ability to really take their time and enjoy a drink without succumbing to pressures and distractions. Because that’s the only way to taste the picturesque flavour of almonds, nuts and orange, the unmistakable Cantuccini flavour made with such passion, craftsmanship and love.

Liquorccini is an artisanal liqueur with a characterful flavour. Delicious with or in coffee, and with or without ice.

The atmosphere of the picturesque countryside, the flavour of the Cantuccini, the restful Italian culture and the rustic way of enjoying life: you can now taste it all in a charming bottle, made for raising a toast to life together with friends and family.

  • Liqueur based on that unmistakable flavour of Cantuccini bicuits
  • Tasks of almonds, orange and a few spices
  • 25% alcohol
  • Bottle contents: 0,7L

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